Terms and conditions

"PRINTEA.COM" (hereinafter referred to as the Website) is a website that allows the user to create customized products according to their preferences and tastes.
This Website is owned by Grupo Nación GN, S.A., legal card 3-101-102844, hereinafter Grupo Nación, with address in San José, Tibás Llorente, La Nación Building.
The use of the Website and its contents are regulated by these Terms of Use. By using the Website, Users acknowledge having read these conditions and accept them. It is understood that these conditions can be reviewed and modified by Grupo Nación, without any obligation to notify the changes made in
these conditions. It is the responsibility of the users to periodically review the
Terms of use.
If users do not agree with the Terms of Use, they may not access or use the Website.
SERVICE THAT IS OFFERED: The content of the Website is solely to develop and purchase customized products. In the present site may be incorporated promotions, product raffles and other benefits, the conditions and general rules will be visible on the site through the publication of Regulations. Therefore, the information shown does not represent any type of professional advice or advice, and if users need specific advice on the product or its use, they should look for a professional or expert in the area of ​​interest. Grupo Nación is not responsible for any use or decision that users make based on the information displayed on the Website.
All the content shown on the Website is the intellectual property of Grupo Nación or has been duly authorized to use it. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, edit, publish or distribute the information contained in this Website. Users of the Website must obtain the corresponding authorization from their owners before using said content for purposes other than the site. Therefore, the use of any trademark, advertising signal or logo is not authorized. Any claim for reimbursement or changes must be processed by Users directly through info@printea.com or their physical address, in accordance with the Policy of Returns and Changes.
Grupo Nación takes all possible measures to guarantee the integrity of the contents on the Website, however, it will not be responsible in any case for losses or damages caused to third parties due to interruptions, computer viruses, failure of Internet communication, destruction of information or unauthorized access, alteration of information or misuse of the information contained in this Website.
Users acknowledge that Grupo Nación is not responsible for any damage caused by the unloading and misuse of the information displayed on the Website.
Grupo Nación reserves the right to modify, eliminate or release any section or information presented on the Website, without prior notice.
Likewise, Grupo Nación reserves the right to deny or interrupt access to the Website, at any time and without prior notice to Users who fail to comply with the Privacy Policy, the Conditions of Use of the Website or the Return Policies and changes, or affect the security of the Website.
This Website is for the exclusive use of persons of legal age, with legal capacity to contract. Any act in fraud of third parties or false or inaccurate information provided by the Users of this Website is the responsibility of the Users or, where appropriate, of the parents or guardians of the Users.
There is no affiliation or registration fee; however, Grupo Nación reserves the right to establish in the future the payment of memberships or any other type of condition to access the content of this Website.
To make use of the Website and acquire the products of the site, Users must complete the steps described below:
REGISTRATION: Users must complete the basic information, accurately and truthfully, which is requested in the electronic form published on the Website, after issuing the formal Informed Consent, in compliance with the legislation on Data Protection that prevails in our country .
The information collected is stored in the database of the Website; its use and protection is done in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Grupo Nación, which is visible through www.printea.com
PRODUCT SELECTION AND PERSONALIZATION: Users clicking on the "Confirm design" button will confirm that they have reviewed the composition
and the spelling. Understanding that your design will be printed as shown on the screen and that it can not be modified once it is sent. Each user to continue the process, will be like you have read and understood this warning before continuing.
PAYMENT: Users must complete or verify the required information, such as name, email address, identification number,
as well as the data of your credit or debit card required. The Website reserves the right to accept only those cards indicated on the Website.
The price of each product or service is determined in the currency of Costa Rican colones, so that the user can know the details of their purchase in a clear and accurate, without limitation or restriction. The purchase procedure is displayed on the site as a guide for the user. As a general principle, charges for services or products are not reimbursable, unless otherwise agreed otherwise, in which case it will be considered as an act of mere liberality that does not require it in the future to resolve situations with similar characteristics.
The sending of proof of payment by PRINTEA.COM represents the only proof that the transaction was completed successfully.
Withdrawal of the product: Once the purchase process has been completed, if the client does not select the shipping option, he / she will be able to pick up the product (s) purchased in one of the seven branches of Grupo Nación, during its regular business hours (Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturdays from 8am to 12am) once the client is notified that their product is already available for withdrawal. This service is given at no additional cost.
Product delivery procedure at home: Once the purchase process has been completed, if the customer selects the delivery option, he or she must specify the delivery location, among other data that may be relevant to coordinate and carry out the delivery at home. success, according to the expectations and possibilities of both parties. This service is given only within the GAM for the cost indicated on the Website.
If any of the Conditions of Use of the Website were considered null or void, either in whole or in part, this will not affect the validity of the others.
All legal procedures regarding the use of the Website or its contents are governed by the laws of Costa Rica and when registering and using it, the jurisdiction of the Costa Rican courts is accepted.
Grupo Nación does not sell, rent or share the personal information of the Users and makes its best efforts to keep it private. However, this information may be used by Grupo Nación in order to improve the services provided through the Website or offer other services or offers. In the latter case, Users will have the possibility of requesting the exclusion in the offer of these other services, for which we expressly request their consent for such information shipments.
Taking into consideration that the purpose of the Web site is the elaboration by the client of personalized products in which only their criteria, decision and will regarding the way the final product will come out, before the intention of the user not to use the service Once you have selected the product and made your personalization, the only responsibility of GRUPO NACION will be to revert the charge to the debit card used for the payment, as long as that decision of the user / client occurs within the the eight days following the transaction and no expenses have been incurred from the client's order. The retraction is excepted if in a certain offer its impossibility is expressly contemplated. However, PRINTEA.COM may seek the best possible solution in pursuit of consumer satisfaction, without this being mandatory for PRINTEA.COM
The products that users or customers wish to exchange or return to PRINTEA.COM for a refund, must have the consent of PRINTEA.COM
previous review of the product.
For the above, the client must go to the offices of PRINTEA.COM located in Llorente de Tibás, at the intersection 400 meters east and 125 meters north,
Grupo Nación, with an office hours from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, so that the client can access the refund of the money through
of credit note to the respective card, the following conditions must be met:
a) Provide a copy of the invoice;
b) Provide a copy of the electronic transaction receipt indicating the card number and authorization;
c) The product must be returned within a maximum period of eight (8) calendar days from the date of receipt of the product;
d) The product must be in suitable conditions. If the product is received without the prior approval of PRINTEA.COM and subsequently
It is found that it does not comply with the aforementioned conditions, it will be returned to the user or client. All shipping costs and other expenses are borne by the customer.
Once the return is accepted, PRINTEA.COM will generate a refund that may be cash, if paid in that way and / or the application of a credit note to be used in the client's account in future purchases.
WARRANTY ON PROPERTY. Each product sold by PRINTEA.COM has a guarantee of no less than 30 (thirty) business days, as specified. The guarantee will be invalid for damages not related to the manufacturer and previously proven. Users must appear at the offices of PRINTEA.COM, in Llorente
from Tibás, from the intersection 400 meters east and 125 meters to the north, Grupo Nación, with an office hours from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. To enforce the guarantee of a product, you must have your consent to do so. For the above, they must complete an application and comply with the following conditions:
a) Provide a copy of the invoice;
b) The product must be returned within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) business days from the date of receipt of the product. Once the guarantee request has been validated and the product received, it will be reviewed in order to determine if the guarantee is valid or not based on the following parameters:
1. If the product was damaged at the time of transport by the transport company designated by PRINTEA.COM.
2. If the damage caused by environmental conditions such as humidity, water, dust, external heat or extreme cold.
3. If you suffered physical abuse or any other operating condition.
4. Guarantees are not valid for bumps, scrapes, falls, physical abuse, mechanical forces poorly applied or excessive pressures that could lead to direct or indirect problems to the product.
5. The product is not changed in case of error of the client, only in case of evident damage of the same or by error of the store. If the replacement of the piece is approved, it will be done by one of the same type. In case of not having stock, the same will be exchanged for one of similar conditions previous approval of the client.
6. The client must keep the box and the accessories of his product, since they will be required when the article must be changed or the guarantee is wanted.
7. Any withdrawal and subsequent shipment to or from the customer's home for warranty application has an additional cost.
COPYRIGHTS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Both the designs, content of the site, as well as any digital application "software" that is on the platform, whether trademarks, domain names, logos and / or advertising signs, are from the ownership of Grupo Nación and may not be used by third parties unless it is with the written authorization of a legal representative of Grupo Nación duly empowered to do so. It is not allowed, therefore, to copy, modify or reverse engineer, partially or totally the content of the sites.
The contents of GN are protected by Costa Rican laws on intellectual property and are protected by international legislation on the matter. There are contents whose ownership is of third parties that are licensed to GN and therefore is entitled to use them and oppose misuse. It is noted that any use that a third party wishes to give to such content must have the prior and express authorization of GN.
JURISDICTION AND LEGISLATION: For all purposes, any interpretation or resolution of controversies will be resolved based on Costa Rican laws. The user accepts the formal submission to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Costa Rica to settle any dispute arising from the use of this site. All inquiries can be directed to the telephone (506) 2247-4632 or to the email info@printea.com